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Luxury Staunton Chess Sets

Our range of Luxury Chess Sets features many exquisite Staunton designs with a great choice in size, wood types and style. All of the sets featured in this section have chessmen crafted from lovely exotic hardwoods, ebony, rosewood, redwood and sheesham. Ebony was the first wood ever used on the original Staunton chessmen in the 1800s and it still remains our favourite today. The other woods, like Rosewood for example are less traditional but extremely beautiful, with rich grains and amazing deep tones.

Luxury Chessmen

All of our Luxury chess sets feature chessmen that have been hand turned, carved, and polished by some of the worlds leading experts in chess piece production. Many of the craftsmen we use have decades of past experience. Each piece is carefully checked for defects before it’s passed onto the next stage of polishing. Weight is added into the base before fine quality billiard cloth is applied to the bottom.

The finest chess boards

We source all of our luxury boards from Italy and Spain, in fact they both come from dedicated chess boards manufacturers who have made a name for themselves globally as two of the worlds best producers of boards. The Spanish boards are excellent quality, but if you’re looking for the best of the best it has to be Italian. They are thick, heavy, glossy and crafted to a level of perfection that even amazes us sometimes.

Limited editions and rare sets

Many of the super luxury wooden chess sets are crafted in batches of as little as ten sets. It takes so many man hours to make them that it’s simply not possible to produce hundred of sets at once. As such many of the really fine sets are extremely limited in numbers.

Great investments

We don’t often look at wood in the same way we see gold and other more familiar assets. However fine quality crafts made from woods like Ebony and rosewood are slowly but steadily rising in value. The reason for this is the that the raw wood material is becoming more scarce, more regulated and more expensive. There will come a time when new production of crafted items will seldom feature these lovely woods.

Luxury Chess Sets

We have spent the last ten years buying the very best chessmen and combining them with the best chess boards. We source the chessmen from the three best producers in the world. We have tried other Luxury chessmen manufacturers over the years and been able to weed out all but the finest three.

We simply love their product and it’s always an interesting job to combine these lovely chessmen with super luxury chess boards from the finest European makers. The result is a range of luxury chess sets that we believe are the finest in the world. The product photographs look incredible and a continued comment we receive from customers is that the sets look even better in real life! If you are looking for the very best in Luxury sets then we are certain to have something for you. All the sets are in stock in our warehouses and can be fulfilled in a couple of days. Go on treat yourself to that lifetime purchase!

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