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How We Use Cookies on
Your privacy is important to us. At Regency Chess, we strive to provide you with complete and honest information about the cookies we use on our site and give you the information and tools to manage them. By continuing to browse our site, you consent to us placing cookies on your computer, unless you have decided to disable them through your browser. Please note that if you do not allow cookies on your computer, you will not be able to shop on our site. We are continually improving the ways we use cookies, and we will keep this page updated with any changes made. Additionally, you can find more information about your privacy here.

What Are Cookies?
A cookie is a piece of data that is placed on an internet user's computer. The information contained in the cookie is initially set by the website and can be used when the user revisits the website. Cookies were designed to remember things that an internet user has done on that website in the past, such as adding products to their cart, logging in, or clicking on links. Cookies are not harmful. They are not computer programs and cannot circulate viruses. This information about how customers use the website is used in many ways:

  • To keep a record of the products you've added to your cart for your next visit
  • To make personalized product recommendations based on your previous shopping on the website
  • To remember the preferences you have set up for the website
  • To find out what the website needs improvement on and make future improvements
  • To allow you to share pages with social networks like Facebook
  • To ensure advertising on other websites is relevant to you

Types of Cookies

Session (or Transient) Cookies
Session cookies are stored in your computer's memory for the duration of your browsing session. They become unavailable after the session has been inactive for a time and are automatically deleted from your computer when the web browser is closed. Their main purpose is to allow you to move between pages on a website without having to log in repeatedly.

Persistent (or Permanent) Cookies
Persistent cookies are stored in the user's computer memory and are not deleted or removed when the web browser is closed. They are used to keep your preferences for the website, so they will be recalled the next time you visit the website. They are also used to gather information about the numbers of visitors, the average time spent on a particular page, and analyze shopping behavior on the website. This information is used to find out how the website works and where it can be improved.

Flash Cookies (or Locally Shared Objects)
Most likely, you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Websites that contain Flash can also store small amounts of data on your computer that can be used in the same way as cookies are. Flash cookies can also be used to record the data that is stored in other types of cookies. So, when you delete cookies from your browser, your Flash cookies are not affected, meaning a website may still identify you if it previously recorded the deleted cookie data into a Flash cookie.

Sharing with Social Networks
If you use the buttons that allow you to share products and content with your friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook, these companies may set a cookie on your computer system.

Which Cookies Do Regency Chess Use?

Session ID requires that visitors' computers accept a session cookie. This cookie contains only a session identification number that distinguishes the visitor from other visitors. The session cookie does not contain any personal information and is anonymous. A third party cannot use the cookie to identify the visitor in any way. This cookie expires at the end of the visitor's session or after a predefined time, typically 24 minutes after their last mouse click.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a behavioral tracking service, to help us understand how customers use our website and identify areas for improvement. The information we collect is anonymous.

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What happens if I opt out of all cookies?
If you opt out of all cookies set by then you will not be able to place an order on our website. You will, however, still be able to browse our website. If you disable Flash cookies, you will not be able to watch some of the videos on

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