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Staunton Chess Sets

Oxford Ash Burl Chess Set

Oxford Ash Burl Chess Set

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The Black Flower Chessmen

The Black Flower Chessmen

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The Staunton Chess Set - A Timeless Icon

Chess, a game woven deeply into the fabric of human history, has seen countless iterations of pieces and boards. However, the Staunton Chess Set remains a beacon of elegance, sophistication, and clarity in the vast expanse of the game's legacy. A masterpiece of design, this set has not only withstood the test of time but has also become a prominent figure in the world of chess.

Why is the Staunton Chess Set the Gold Standard in Chess?

The mid-nineteenth century marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of chess set designs. Before the emergence of the Staunton design, players across the globe used a myriad of Chess piece styles. While each set had its charm, they often lacked any kind of standardization. It was during this time that the English Barleycorn, the St. George, the French Regence, and the Central European chess sets were used. While these sets were visually captivating, they often left players perplexed, especially when confronting a set unfamiliar to them.

In 1849, a revolutionary design emerged, bearing the name of the iconic English chess master Howard Staunton. Though Staunton did not design the set himself, his endorsement solidified its prestige. London-based journalist Nathaniel Cooke is credited with the actual design, and the set was introduced to the world by John Jaques of London, a renowned purveyor of fine games. This was the birth of the 1849 Staunton Chess Set, a design that would change the face of chess forever.

The True Power of Staunton's Design

What truly sets the Staunton Chess Set apart is its unparalleled clarity and distinction between the pieces. Each piece is easily recognizable, eliminating any scope for confusion during play. This clarity is not just about aesthetics; it serves a functional purpose. The streamlined design ensures that players, whether novice or grandmaster, can focus solely on strategy without any distractions.

Furthermore, the Staunton set's balance and proportionality lend a tactile satisfaction to players. Holding a Staunton piece gives a sense of weight, precision, and intention. This impeccable blend of form and function is why the Staunton Chess Set quickly became, and remains, the go-to choice for tournaments and passionate players worldwide.

Who Actually Designed the World-renowned Jaques Staunton Chess Set?

Debunking the Myth of Howard Staunton's Design

When the topic of Staunton Chess Sets arises, many instinctively credit the legendary English chess master Howard Staunton with its design. While it's an easy assumption given the name, it's a common misconception. Howard Staunton's claim to fame isn't the design but rather his endorsement and promotion of the set that would eventually bear his name.

Nathaniel Cooke: The Mastermind Behind the Design

The true architect of the Staunton Chess Set's iconic design was none other than Nathaniel Cooke, a London-based journalist. Combining aesthetics with function, Cooke conceptualized a set that would not only be visually appealing but would also enhance gameplay. His collaboration with Howard Staunton was instrumental, as Staunton's validation gave the design its much-needed momentum in the chess community.

While Cooke was the design genius and Staunton the endorsing champion, the set's introduction to the masses was orchestrated by John Jaques of London. Recognized for their craftsmanship and dedication to quality, John Jaques of London brought the first Staunton Chess Set to the market in 1849, marking a pivotal moment in chess history.

Where can you buy an Original Staunton Chess Set?

While we at the Regency Chess Company, along with many other retailers, list the classic Staunton Chess Set for sale, collectors looking for what would be considered an original Staunton Chess Set would likely have to look into purchasing from an antique dealer. A Chess Set manufactured by Jaques of London would bear a green label identifying the manufacturer on the inside of the Chessmen case.

Today, the term Staunton Chess Set encompasses an array of newly made sets that replicate the classic Staunton style. So, while you may not be able to purchase an official Staunton Chess Set made by Jaques of London from The Regency Chess Company, you will still be able to buy what is considered a Staunton Chess Set in terms of the design of the set.

Variations of the Staunton Chess Set

While maintaining its core iconic look, the Staunton design has given birth to several unique variations over the years, each carrying its own regional touch. The German Knight Staunton Chess Set boasts pieces that feature intricately carved knight designs reminiscent of historical Germanic craftsmanship. The French Staunton Chess Set, on the other hand, beautifully integrates elements of French artistry, lending the pieces a more romantic and elegant flair. Not to be outdone, the British Staunton Chess Set stands as an example of the design's roots, combining the classic look with a touch of British sophistication and refinement. These variations not only highlight the global appeal of the Staunton design but also the versatility that allows it to be reimagined across cultures while retaining its essential character.

Why you should choose to purchase a Staunton Chess Set from The Regency Chess Company

Founded in the heart of Great Britain, the Regency Chess Company embodies a blend of tradition and craftsmanship that's unmatched. Each chess set exemplifies our dedication to quality, history, and the game's legacy.

Uncompromised Quality Assurance

Every chess enthusiast deserves nothing but the best. That's why every purchase from us comes with a promise:

  • A two-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.
  • A generous 30-day return policy, just in case you change your mind.

Serving the USA with Pride

While our roots are British, our commitment to our customers in the USA remains unwavering. Enjoy FREE same-day delivery across the country, ensuring your cherished chess set reaches you in no time.

Staunton Chess Sets For Sale On Our Website

While the Staunton pieces are undeniably the stars of the show, the board they rest upon is equally vital. At our store, we believe that the finest, European-made Staunton pieces deserve an equally exquisite stage; therefore, pairing becomes an art form in itself.

Our curated range of chessboards is sourced from the most revered craftsmen across Italy, Spain, and Greece. Each board tells a story, crafted with passion, precision, and a deep respect for the game.

The materials we choose play a crucial role in the overall experience. Our chessboards boast a luxurious palette of hardwoods:

  • Ebony: Known for its deep black tone and smooth texture.
  • Rosewood: Renowned for its rich hue and fine grain.
  • Walnut: Celebrated for its durability and beautiful patterns.
  • Maple: Light-toned wood that offers a delightful contrast.
  • Mahogany: Loved for its reddish-brown richness and straight grain.

What is the Significance of a Weighted Staunton Chess Set?

Weighted chess pieces are more than just a luxury; they fundamentally enhance the playing experience. The added heft in a Wooden Staunton Chess Set piece provides stability, ensuring pieces stand firm on the board even during intense gameplay. This weight also offers a tactile satisfaction, lending each move a sense of purpose and gravitas. For many players, the feel of a substantial piece in hand is a connection to the rich history and tradition of the game, elevating each match from a mere pastime to a cherished ritual.

Which of our Staunton Chess Sets are the most popular?

Competition Staunton Walnut Chess Set: A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its double-weighted, intricately detailed pieces glide effortlessly across a board crafted near Barcelona, Spain. The set's value becomes even more evident when accompanied by a solid wooden carry case.

Ebonized Wenge Victoria Tournament Chess Set: A striking juxtaposition of elegance and strength. With pieces crafted from graded boxwood and balanced to perfection, they command attention on the 19-inch Spanish-made wenge and birch wood chessboard. This set promises not only years but decades of engaging chess play.

Looking for a Large Staunton Chess Set?

For those who appreciate the grandeur of a larger playing field, our expansive collection caters to the desires of chess aficionados who want more than just the standard size.

Frankfurt Wenge Luxury Grand Chess Set: This set promises a majestic experience. With robust, expertly carved pieces standing firm on a 24-inch wenge board, each game feels like an event. The weighty, 4-inch king perfectly complements the expansive board, creating an aesthetic and functional chess experience.

Atlantic Gloss Black and Natural Chess Set: A symphony of gloss and matte finishes. Finely carved, weighted chess pieces find their home on a gleaming 22-inch board, making every move feel luxurious. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of modern elegance in their chess gameplay.

Luxury Staunton Chess Sets

Ebony and Walnut Highclere Luxury Staunton Chess Set: This set embodies opulence. The Highclere Series pieces, crafted with precision, are hand-polished to a radiant shine. With green-felted bases, they glide seamlessly across an Italian-made briarwood and elm board. To enhance the luxury quotient, the set is accompanied by a hand-crafted, flock-lined, solid Sheesham chess-piece case.

Windsor Rosewood and Montgoy Palisander Chess Set: A masterpiece in every sense. Perfectly weighted, the Windsor pieces are intricately sculpted from solid rosewood and boxwood. Paired with a luxurious Montgoy Palisander and Maple Chess Board, this set reflects the magnificence of the pieces and the legacy of the Staunton design.

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