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Metal Chess Sets

Metal Chess Sets

For those chess players who are seeking a long-lasting and visually-stunning chess set, we urge you to look no further than a metal chess set.

Although traditionally, chess sets have been made from wood or stone, the metal chess set has a timeless look and feel. Perhaps this is due to the durability of the pieces; there’s no reason why brass or nickel pieces shouldn’t look as pristine generations from now as the day you bought them.

This extreme durability explains why chess enthusiasts are keener to travel with a metal chess set compared with a wooden or stone alternative. Metal pieces won’t get chipped or damaged as easily as their more delicate counterparts.

The appeal of the metal chess set doesn’t just lie in its robustness. Serving as a beautiful talking point in any living room or office, this departure from wood or stone commands attention from chess lovers and laypeople alike

The Regency Chess Company is proud to offer the most impressive collection of European-made metal chess sets in the USA for your browsing pleasure.

Metal Chess Pieces And Board

If you’ve visited other chess retailers, you may have noticed that their chess ‘sets’ consist only of the pieces - and not the board. You can rest assured that all of the metal chess sets at the Regency Chess Company include expertly-crafted pieces and a perfectly-paired board.

The chess boards in our metal chess set collection have been sourced from Greece and Italy, and have been crafted from metal, or, as a delightful contrast, from luxury woods like walnut, maple and ebony.

Luxury Metal Chess Sets

For those with more discerning tastes, we present the incomparable San Severeo Chess Set.

The artisans at Italfama in Tuscany, Italy, have justified their reputation as one of the world’s finest chess set producers for over 30 years. And the San Severo is a striking example of their dedication and passion.

Hand-made from locally-sourced oak, the 19-inch board features an intricately carved border that gives the set an attention-stealing opulence. Atop the rustic stage stands the proud Staunton chessmen, adorned with what else but 24-carat gold and 990 silver plating. In keeping with their decades-long techniques, after been cast from Italfama moulds, each piece is then coated in gold and silver plating before being screwed into a solid oak midriff without adhesives of any kind.

This is a true investment piece that will look every bit as stunning for generations to come.

Manopoulos Chess Sets

Our Manopoulos chess sets have been handcrafted in Greece using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation, and the Manopoulos Greek Metal Roman Army Chess Set is one of our finest examples.

Instead of the traditional Staunton, the brass and nickel-plated pieces feature, in wonderful detail, the classic characters from the ancient armies of Greece and Rome. Admire the craftsmanship poured into the Emperor, Queen, horse-mounted infantry leaders, officers, and foot soldiers - and not forgetting, classical architecture depicting the rooks.

The metal chess board serves as a flawless battleground. It boasts a burnished olive green finish and, as an exquisite touch, a Late-Hellenistic-style pillar propping up each corner. The set is complete with a protective, wooden cabinet.

Our Most Popular Metal Chess Sets

For the sheer class it imbues, there’s little wonder why the Maghreb Brass and Walnut Traditional Chess Set is one of our best sellers.

The beautifully-ornate Staunton pieces offer tradition with a contemporary edge. Made from brass and nickel-plated metal cast for a solid feel, each piece has been crafted by hand for a stunning finish.

The pieces stand in glorious contrast on an Italian-crafted, walnut and maple veneer 20-inch board and cabinet. Finished in a rich satin lacquer, the board/cabinet serves as both a regal stage and a protective home for your chessmen.

Order Your Stunning Metal Chest Set With Confidence

The Regency Chess Company offers FREE, same-day shipping to all states in the USA. Your chess set will be shipped via UPS and you’ll receive a tracking number along with your dispatch confirmation for you to keep track of your order.

When it comes to your chess set, we play safe. We take the utmost care to package your order to ensure that you’ll receive your chess set in pristine condition. Each set sold by us carries a two-year warranty and if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, simply send it back to us within 14 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

Now, nothing is stopping you from owning the chess set of your dreams.

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