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Traditional Chess Sets

Traditional Chess Sets

There’s one thing that unites every passionate chess player, young and old, and from every corner of the globe - the desire to own a beautiful, traditional chess set. Elegantly-carved pieces and a luxury board that effortlessly steals attention away from every item of furniture or gadget in your home.

A classic chess set that when you play, it feels like time stands still.

The Staunton Chess Set

When you think about traditional chess pieces, you’ll likely picture the Staunton set. Which, for nearly 200 years, has been the worldwide ‘standard’ design used at home and in competitions.

It’s hard to believe that prior to 1849, there was no such thing as a ‘standard’ chess set. For centuries, players used a wide variety of pieces - only familiar within their country, city, or even clubs.

The 19th century saw an explosion in the game’s popularity as competitions and chess clubs popped up all over the world. And with this came the demand for chess pieces that were easy to play with (not cumbersome or liable to fall over) and most importantly, were universally recognized by players - no matter their homeland.

The credit for the creation of the Staunton chess set is largely believed to go to one Nathaniel Cooke, a publisher from London, who registered the design at the United Kingdom Patent Office on 1 March 1849. Nathaniel was the editor of The Illustrated London News, in which the chess master Howard Staunton wrote a regular column. At the time, Howard was considered the strongest chess player in the world, and so by naming the set after him, Nathaniel gave the soon-to-be standard a mountain of credibility.

Classic Wooden Chess Pieces And Board

Sometimes, you’ll see online retailers selling ‘chess sets’ that just consist of the pieces with no board.

We here at Regency Chess believe that expertly-designed, Staunton chess pieces deserve a fine stage on which to perform. That’s why each of our traditional chess piece sets has been paired with a luxury board that complements it perfectly. Our range of stunning wooden chess boards have been dutifully-sourced from Italy, Spain, and Greece and feature a luxurious blend of light and dark woods such as ebony, rosewood, walnut, maple, mahogany, and more.

Vintage Wooden Chess Sets

The antique look and feel of a classic chess set appeal to those who love all things vintage. Although all of our sets are brand new, many are reproductions of original designs that take you back centuries whenever you sit down to play.

Our Popular Traditional Chess Sets

When you see the Walnut Competition Staunton Chess Set and hold its double-weighted, expertly-crafted chess pieces, you won’t believe the price.

Paired with a Spanish-made, walnut and maple chess board, and handmade carry case, the outstanding value offered by this stunning set makes it no surprise that its one of our best sellers.

If you wanted something even more discerning, the Victoria Luxury Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham is sure to tick every box.

The graceful chessmen have been carved by expert hands from graded sheesham and boxwood. And in striking contrast, they’ve been paired with an immaculate, walnut and maple board with a satin finish. This luxury set promises decades of joyful play.

For those who appreciate a larger board and heavier pieces, the Broadbase Competition Chess Set in Ebony boasts the unmistakable feel of timeless quality.

Led by their 4-inch king, the weighty chessmen have been hand-carved from solid ebony and boxwood for satisfying play. They are exquisitely complemented by our tournament spec, 22-inch, mahogany and maple chess board.

Complete with a solid sheesham chess piece case, this set would make a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition for any chess lover.

The Finest Traditional Chess Sets In Europe - Delivered To Your Door

The Regency Chess Company was established in the United Kingdom and for over 10 years, we’ve travelled the world to seek out the finest artisans and craftsmen who are as passionate about chess as we are. Today, we’re proud to offer the best collection of traditional chess sets in the USA.

Order your dream chess set and we’ll ship it the same day for FREE. We use a tracked and trusted courier service so you can rest assured that your prized set will arrive on time and in immaculate condition.

And there’s absolutely no risk. As well as a two-year warranty, we offer a no-hassle, 14-day returns policy. So if for any reason you change your mind, you can send it back for a full refund.

Bring your traditional chess set home today.

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