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Chess Sets by Size

Choosing the perfect chess set is a journey that blends personal taste with practical considerations, and one of the most critical factors in this decision is the size of the chess set. Whether you're a seasoned player, a casual enthusiast, or a collector, the size of your chess set can significantly impact your playing experience, the aesthetic appeal of the set in your space, and its portability.

At The Regency Chess Company, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to chess sets. That's why we offer an extensive range of sizes, from compact, small magnetic travel chess sets that you can take anywhere with ease, to large luxury chess sets that make a statement in any room. Our collection caters to every need and preference, encompassing both regulation size chess sets for those looking to train for or participate in tournaments, as well as non-regulation sizes perfect for casual play or decorative purposes.

With our wide selection, finding a chess set that fits your specific needs—whether you're looking for something to fit a small desk, something to impress guests in a large living space, or a regulation tournament chess set for competitive play—has never been easier. Join us as we explore the importance of chess set size and guide you through our curated collection, ensuring you make the best choice for your chess-playing journey.

Why Size Matters in Chess Sets

  • Gameplay Experience: The size of a chess set directly influences your interaction with the game. A regulation size chess set ensures familiarity and consistency, especially for those practicing for tournaments, while a small magnetic travel chess set offers convenience for playing on the go.
  • Aesthetic and Display: The visual impact of a chess set within a space cannot be overstated. A large luxury chess set serves as a magnificent centerpiece in a room, showcasing the beauty of chess as both an art form and a game. Conversely, a small wooden chess set might be preferred for its discreet charm and ease of placement on smaller surfaces.
  • Storage and Portability: Consideration of storage space is crucial when selecting a chess set. Large sets, like a large wooden chess set with storage, might require dedicated display areas, while smaller sets can be easily tucked away or transported, making them ideal for those with limited space or who frequently travel.
  • Versatility for Players of All Ages: The size of the chess pieces and board should accommodate the players' comfort and ease of use. Large pieces might be easier for younger players or those with mobility issues to handle, whereas smaller sets might appeal to those looking for a compact and portable option.
  • Tournament Preparation: For competitive players, practicing with a regulation tournament chess set that matches the size used in competitions can provide a crucial edge, familiarizing them with the exact conditions they'll face in tournaments.
  • Material and Craftsmanship Appreciation: The size of a chess set can also affect the perception and appreciation of the materials and craftsmanship. Larger chess sets often allow for more detailed carving and intricate design work, particularly evident in sets like The Isle Of Lewis Walnut and Maple Chess Set, where the craftsmanship can be appreciated up close.

Spotlight on Featured Chess Sets

At The Regency Chess Company, our collection boasts a variety of chess sets that stand out not just for their size, but for their unparalleled quality and design. Here are three featured sets that epitomize the excellence we strive to deliver:

  • Competition Black Staunton Chess Set with Case: This set exemplifies the classic Staunton design, meeting regulation size standards that cater to serious players and collectors alike. With a 3.75 inch king and a 21 inch mahogany and maple board, it offers superb quality and aesthetic appeal. The pieces are weighted for perfect balance, featuring bases covered with billiard cloth for smooth movement across the board. This set is not just a game; it's an heirloom, complete with a luxurious storage box for preservation and presentation.
  • World Chess Championship Chess Set with Wooden Case and Clock: Approved by FIDE for tournament play, this set is designed for champions. The pieces, featuring a 3.75 inch king and crafted from graded boxwood, are weighted and felted for precision and elegance. The mahogany and maple board, along with the traditional wind-up chess clock, ensure a competitive edge. This set is a marvel of design, approved for the highest level of competitive play, making it a must-have for serious tournament players.
  • The Highgrove Ebony and Briarwood Luxury Chess Set: For those who seek the ultimate in luxury and design, this set features beautifully handcrafted ebony pieces and a high-grade Briarwood and Elm board. The 3 inch king and 20.5 inch board offer a size that is both playable and perfect for display. This set exemplifies fine craftsmanship, with detailed knights and bishops that follow the classic Staunton pattern, all housed in a stunning wenge colored box. It's a piece of art, designed not just for play but as a centerpiece of any room.

Each of these sets has been carefully selected for its beauty, functionality, and the ability to meet the varied needs of chess enthusiasts. Whether you are preparing for a tournament, looking for a luxurious addition to your collection, or seeking the perfect balance between playability and portability, our featured chess sets offer something for every chess lover.

How to Choose a Chess Set Size

Selecting the perfect chess set goes beyond just the love of the game; it's about finding the right fit for your lifestyle, space, and how you plan to engage with the set. Here are key factors to consider when deciding on the size of your next chess set:

  • Playing Space: Measure the area where you plan to play or display your chess set. Larger boards require more room but offer a grander visual and playing experience. For smaller spaces, a small magnetic travel chess set or small portable chess set might be ideal.
  • Portability: If you're always on the move or love to bring your chess set to clubs, parks, or friends' houses, consider a compact set. Small magnetic travel chess sets are designed for ease of transport, ensuring your chess pieces stay secure no matter where you go.
  • Display Purposes: Are you looking for a chess set that doubles as a decorative piece? Large luxury chess sets or sets with large wooden chess pieces can serve as stunning focal points in a room, reflecting your personal style and passion for chess.
  • Official Tournament Requirements: For those aiming to participate in official tournaments, practicing with a regulation tournament chess set is crucial. These sets adhere to standard size and weight requirements, providing a consistent playing experience that aligns with competition standards.
  • Material and Detail Appreciation: The size of the chess pieces can also influence your appreciation of their material and craftsmanship. Larger pieces, such as those found in extra large wooden chess sets, often showcase more intricate details and craftsmanship, making them not just pieces but works of art.
  • User Comfort and Accessibility: Consider who will be using the chess set most frequently. Larger pieces might be easier to grasp and move, particularly for younger players or individuals with limited dexterity.

By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your new chess set not only enhances your game but also fits perfectly into your life and space.

Browse Our Size Categories

Exploring our extensive collection of chess sets is a journey into the heart of chess culture, showcasing the diversity and beauty of chess sets in all sizes. To help you find the set that best matches your needs, we've organized our collection into convenient size categories:

  • Sets with 12 to 14 inch boards: Perfect for those seeking a small chess set that's easy to store and transport, without compromising on quality or playability.
  • Sets with 15 to 16 inch boards: These small to medium-sized sets are ideal for players who want a set that's both functional for play and easy to carry, fitting nicely into a variety of spaces.
  • Sets with 17 to 18 inch boards: A great choice for enthusiasts looking for a balance between a moderate playing area and aesthetic appeal, suitable for both serious gameplay and display.
  • Sets with 19 to 20 inch boards: For those desiring a large chess set, these boards offer a grander scale for play and an impressive presence in any room or setting.
  • Sets with 21 to 24 inch boards: Our largest categories, featuring extra large chess sets that are as much a statement piece as they are a playable set, perfect for making an impact in spacious environments.

We encourage you to explore each subcategory page to discover the chess sets that resonate with your style and meet your specific needs. With detailed descriptions and images, you can easily compare and select the perfect chess set.

A Size for Every Player

At The Regency Chess Company, we understand that the right chess set is more than just a collection of pieces and a board; it's a gateway to the world of chess, a symbol of personal taste, and in many cases, a cherished heirloom. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes, from compact and portable small chess sets ideal for travel, to majestic large luxury chess sets that command attention and elevate the aesthetic of any space.

We invite you to explore our detailed subcategory pages, where you'll find a curated selection of chess sets tailored to your size preferences. With The Regency Chess Company, you're not just buying a chess set; you're selecting a piece of art, a tool for intellectual development, and a lifelong companion. Discover your perfect chess set today and embark on a journey of strategy, beauty, and passion.

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