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Reproduction Staunton Chess Sets

Reproduction Staunton Chess Sets

The Staunton chess piece design dates back to 1849 when Jacques of London released the first sets of pieces in this classic design. It revolutionised chess sets and the game of chess and quickly got the endorsement of Howard Staunton, the world’s number one chess player at the time.

As the months turned into years the popularity of this new design of chess set grew and grew and began to evolve very slightly. The carving of the knights, the lines and curves of the pieces and the shanks all went through various iterations and sizes. The original concept always kept within certain boundaries and the variations were subtle.

The designs from certain years in the production have become legendary and highly sought after by collectors of the original pieces. We have produced precise reproductions of some of these key years and made them available to buy as brand new sets. They are all crafted to exact specifications from the very same materials as the originals. They are hand made on lathes in exactly the same way as they would have been back in the Victorian era. Even the knights have been hand carved.

We have combined these replica vintage chessmen with some of our finest chess boards to bring you a piece of chess history and a set that will last as long as many of the original sets have.

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