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The Finest Chess & Backgammon Sets in the world - delivered all over the USA

The Regency Chess Company is a long established retailer of extremely high quality chess and backgammon sets. Originally established in the United Kingdom in 2008 the company has risen to become one of the world's most well known brands of chess set.

We offer a range of stunning chess and backgammon products that have been sourced from the best artisans in the world. We offer free shipping to all states for orders over $200, with delivery taking just 2 – 3 working days, usually less.

We specialise in Staunton chess sets and our range has some of the very best examples of this classic design. Our original company is based in England, less than a hundred miles away from London, the home of the original Staunton chessmen.

Chess Stockists USA

Stockist of the best brands in traditional games and chess

We have an enormous product range and have spent the last decade sourcing the finest products from around the globe. We stock sets from Italy, Spain, Greece, England, Germany,and The Netherlands, as well as a host of others. We stock brands such as Dal Negro, Manopoulos, Italfama and Rechapados Ferrer, as well as our own brand of exquisite chessmen.

Chess Sets
Regency Chess

Chess Sets

The Regency Chess Company has been selling some of the world's best chess sets since 2008. It all started when we began scouring the globe for the finest producers of chessmen and chess boards. We've spent many agonising hours combining the very best chess pieces with the most suitable boards, cases and clocks to bring you the finest range of chess sets in the world.

Staunton Chess Sets

By far the most popular and iconic chess set is the Staunton set. Not only is this set a design classic, it's also widely regarded as being the most functional and beautiful design in the history of chess. There is a fascinating back story to how the set came about during the mid 1800s in London. Today there are thousands of interpretations of the basic Staunton design. We stock nearly one hundred versions of this classic design at all price points. When combined with the best chess boards from Italy and Spain these lovely pieces make stunning and practical chess sets.

Isle of Lewis Chess Sets

The second most iconic design is without doubt the Lewis set. This beautiful design has a fascinating back story dating back hundreds of years. Today there are numerous replicas of this incredible set. We have taken the finest Lewis chessmen, made in the UK and combined them with a range of excellent chess boards from Spain and Italy to create what we believe is the best range of Lewis chess sets in the world.

Themed Chess Sets

It sometimes feels like there is a chess set from for every theme you can imagine, from fantasy, history, mythology and popular culture to sets featuring our favourite characters from the movies. We have teamed up with Italfama in Italy and Berkeley Chess in the UK to bring you a huge range of superb themed chess sets. We sell the pieces as individual sets as well as combined with chess boards. Our range of themed chess sets is extensive, very high quality and features some of the finest designs available.

Chess Pieces
Regency Chess

Chess Pieces

Here at Regency Chess we've been growing our range of chessmen since 2008 when we started with a handful of different sets. Our main specialism is in luxury Staunton pieces which we source from the same expert artisans as those that are used to make pieces for The House of Staunton and others. We are obsessive about the quality of our chess pieces; in the ten years we have been in business we have managed to weed out any suppliers who were not up to the job. We have finally found a sweet spot using only the most meticulous and skilled producers of chess pieces in India, Italy, Greece and England.

Staunton Chessmen

Since their creation in the mid 1800s the Staunton chessmen have become the most iconic, popular and functional set of pieces in the world. We love this design and have nearly a hundred different variations of it in terms of sizes, wood types, weights and detail. Many of the sets are true Staunton, with homage paid to the original design. Others are more decorative departures from the original specs, which take on a more exotic and detailed look.

Lewis Chessmen

It is quite fitting that most of the world's best Lewis chessmen are made in England. We have sought out the finest and most accurate versions of this set. We believe we have the very best range of Lewis pieces available today.

Themed Chess Pieces

We stock many themed chess pieces. We work with key suppliers in the UK and Europe to bring you a huge selection of excellent chessmen, both hand painted and in their natural cast form. Most of the themed sets are crafted using stone resin, which lends a lovely solid and heavy feel to the pieces. With a range of sets from The Lord of the Rings through to whimsical creations such as the cats and dogs sets, we are very likely to have the theme you are looking for. Although these sets are not ideal for very serious chess games, they make excellent gifts and collectibles.

Backgammon Sets
Regency Chess

Backgammon Sets

A large part of our business involves backgammon. We have sourced backgammon sets from Italy and Greece to bring you only the very finest range of high quality sets. We have classic traditional sets as well as some more modern, some may even say ‘Hipster', designs. We sell sets with both hard and soft playing surfaces. Many of the backgammon boards we sell have been produced exclusively for us at The Regency Chess Company. We love creating products that are unique, special and feature the highest quality parts. In some cases we have commissioned our very own bespoke luxury dice cups to go inside some of the more exclusive sets.

The Regency Chess Company Story

Back in 2008 The Regency Chess Company began in a bedroom in a house in Bath, England. It was the brain child of Julian Deverell who had been trading in traditional wooden games for just over three years. He spotted a gap in the market within the niche chess area and decided to set up a new business that was founded upon deep running principles.

He partnered up with Darren Whiteman, a creative expert who built the website, and produced the photographs, branding and overall look and feel of the business. The two of them worked closely together for three years and rapidly built the business into a thriving online retail company that now employs a small team of people. Darren left the business in 2014 to pursue other ventures, but The Regency Chess Company remains strong and has developed into a multi channel international supplier of the world's finest chess and backgammon products.

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