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Wooden Chess Sets

Wooden Chess Sets

Wood is undoubtedly the world’s most popular and best-suited material used to produce chess pieces and boards.

When you think of the quintessential chess set, you likely picture wooden Stauton pieces atop a luxury hardwood board. Alongside ivory and bone, luxury woods like rosewood and ebony have been used to craft chess sets since the game’s inception.

This is why a classic, expertly-crafted wooden chess set is a fixture at the top of any chess enthusiast’s wish list.

Here at The Regency Chess Company, we’ve collected the finest examples of wooden chess sets available in the world and presented them here for you. We offer an array of beautiful wood combinations, finishes, sizes, and styles to suit the most ardent of chess connoisseurs.

Wooden Chess Pieces And Boards

If you’ve been browsing chess sets online, you may have noticed that some retailers sell ‘chess sets’ that only comprise of the pieces - and you have to find and buy a board separately.

But you can rest assured that all of our chess sets include traditional Staunton pieces and a European-made, hardwood board that’s been chosen to complement the chessmen perfectly.

The Classic Hardwoods Used To Make Our Chess Sets

Each of our wooden chess sets features a blend of woods selected for their density, weight, and of course, beauty. Many of which are becoming more valuable as worldwide stocks dwindle.

Sheesham, or golden rosewood, has been used in many of our sets. It’s been chosen for its golden to reddish-brown color and its attractive natural markings.

Walnut is a robust hardwood with medium density, making it a sensible choice for chess boards. It boasts light and dark tones with dashes of blonde.

Ebony is another popular hardwood used in some of our luxury pieces. It’s famous for its rich, dark color and mirror finish when polished.

Our wooden chess sets also feature maple, boxwood, mahogany and more. Click on any chess set to learn more about its materials.

Luxury Wooden Chess Sets

For the more discerning customer, we’re proud to offer the outstanding Sovereign Red Sandalwood and Erable Luxury Chess Set.

The striking red board was made in Italy from stained erable - a variety of maple - and features a stunning high-gloss finish. The delicate grain of the erable contrasts beautifully with the lighter elm, and a thin ebony inlay adds more sophistication.

The Sovereign Series chessmen have been hand-carved from red sandalwood and robust boxwood by one of the world’s finest producers of luxury chess sets. The fact that each piece appears virtually identical despite being individually carved is a testament to their craftsmanship.

If you want a chess set that never fails to enchant, look no further.

Large Wooden Chess Sets

If you’re looking for a larger chess set that commands attention in any room, then the Rosewood and Wenge Sandringham Luxury Chess Set should tick all of your boxes.

The classic, Sandringham Series Staunton Chessmen have been carved with painstaking detail from rich rosewood. The beautiful pieces are triple-weighted for a perfectly-balanced, luxury feel, complete with billiard cloth-covered bases.

The 4-inch king stands proudly atop a stunning, 21.6-inch chess board made by world-class craftsmen in Spain. Featuring a gorgeous blend of deep wenge and light maple, the deluxe board serves as a magnificent stage for the Sandringham Series Chessmen.

Any chess enthusiast would surely be honored to play on, let alone own, this remarkable chess set.

Our Best-Selling Wooden Chess Set

At less than $300, the Walnut Competition Staunton Chess Set offers unbeatable value and is one of our most popular items.

The level of detail on the boxwood and sheesham pieces is almost unheard of at this price range and each piece is double-weighted for sturdiness and perfect balance. Sourced from near Barcelona, Spain, the elegant, walnut and maple chess board is the ideal stage for the Staunton chessmen. The set is complete with a handmade, solid wooden case.

This quality set promises decades of playing pleasure at an agreeable price.

Order Your New Wooden Chess Set Today

Although The Regency Chess Company is based in the United Kingdom, we’re proud to offer our fine selection of chess sets to our friends in the USA. And as we’re a UK-based business, you won’t be charged any sales tax for orders under $800.

Once you order your new chess set, we’ll ship it via UPS couriers for FREE for you to receive in just 2-3 days. Rest assured that we’ll take great care in packing your item so it’ll arrive at your door in nothing but pristine condition.

And if, for any reason, you’re not 100% pleased with your new chess set, simply return it to us and we’ll send you a full refund.

Now, nothing is stopping you from treating yourself, or a loved one, to a beautiful wooden chess set.

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