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Themed Chess Sets

Themed Chess Sets

Here at the Regency Chess Company, we’re proud to have the largest collection of themed chess sets available in the USA.

When it comes to themed chess sets, there’s a risk of them appearing inelegant and lacking taste. That’s why we’ve hand-selected sets that maintain the tradition and sophistication that our customers expect from us.

From legendary historical battles to cherished fictional characters, we’re confident that we have a chess set to suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Why Buy A Themed Chess Set?

Although the ‘Staunton’ is seen as the standard chess set and is undoubtedly the most recognizable in the world, not everyone wants to conform.

By choosing a lovingly-crafted themed chess set, you have the chance to express your personality and put a brand new spin on an ancient game. Maybe you’re a history buff or an enthusiast of films or books like Lord Of The Rings, who’d love to add a beautifully-designed chess set to their collection.

In addition, they make a wonderful talking point when you invite people into your home.

Themed Chess Sets And Board

Many ‘chess sets’ that you find online compromise only of the chess pieces - and no board. Rest assured that when you buy a themed chess set from The Regency Chess Company, you’ll not only get beautifully-crafted chessmen - they’ll be paired with a European-made chess board that complements the pieces perfectly.

With our themed chess sets, the board is not merely a surface on which to play a game of chess - it’s the battlefield, the forest, or the stage where the scene takes place. That’s why a great deal of thought goes into the chess board’s design, material, color and finish.

Our Popular Themed Chess Sets

The Battle of Waterloo Themed Chess Set commemorates one of the defining moments in European history - the defeat of Napoleon’s army by the British and Prussians in 1815 which brought an end to France’s reign in Europe.

As you’d expect, each army is fronted by their leader; the allied side (red) by the Duke of Wellington, and the French (navy) by their emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. By their sides stand their respective companions, the Duchess of Wellington, Catherine, and Empress Joséphine.

Every piece, from the impeccably uniformed officers to the eye-catching Union Jack and tricolour draped cannons, has been painstakingly hand-painted for your playing pleasure. The battlefield is represented with a beautiful, Spanish-made, walnut and maple board that completes this magnificent set.

Historically Themed Chess Sets

Closer to home, The American Civil War Themed Chess Set is an absolute must for any Civil War or US history buff.

Leading the United States stands the president, Abraham Lincoln, while across from him is the president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis. Smartly-uniformed footmen play the part of pawns and the rooks are tastefully represented as cannons with their respective flags flying proudly above. The meticulous detail that’s gone into each piece is a testament to the talents of their world-renowned, Italian craftsmen.

The hand-painted chessmen fight atop a Spanish-built, walnut and maple board that serves as the perfect battleground.

Chess Sets Inspired By Film, Folklore & Literature

Our themed chess sets aren’t only for history enthusiasts. The Robin Hood Hand Themed Chess Setis an example of classic English folklore being immortalised by a gorgeous chess set.

On one side, the outlaw Robin Hood stands as your king - head to toe in Lincoln green and complete with his trusty bow, quiver, sword, and dagger. Standing elegantly by his side, who else but the heroine of the Robin Hood legend, Maid Marian. Opposing them in a flowing cream gown stands the villainous King John and his loyal castle guard.

Any lover of the saga will appreciate the charming little touches that have gone into this set; like Friar Tuck (bishop), with his sheep at his feet and an ale tankard in his hand, and the secret treehouses (rook) where the Merry Men hide.

The Spanish-crafted, walnut and maple board makes a beautiful stage to play out this timeless story - and for less than $300, you won’t have to steal from the rich to afford it.

Order Your Beautiful Themed Chess Set Today

Our European-made, themed chess sets have proved wildly popular in the UK - where The Regency Chess Company was founded. And now we’re delighted to offer our full collection to our customers in the US.

When you order, we’ll ship your chess set via UPS the same day - so you’ll be setting up and getting ready to play your new chess set in just 2-3 days. And, as we’re a UK based business, you won’t pay any sales tax on your order if it’s less than $800.

Don’t delay. Show your personality with an elegant themed chess set today.

The Regency Chess Company.