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Alice in Wonderland Chess Sets

Alice in wonderland

Since it’s publication in 1865 Alice in Wonderland (Full name Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) has become a fascination for both adults and children alike. The story is one of wonder, fantasy and the peculiar. It involves the story of a young girl going down the rabbit hole and entering into an almost dreamlike world of weirdness and fantasy. The story was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson using the name Lewis Carol.

The concept of a dream like situation of going down a rabbit hole has become a useful metaphor and is often used to explain situations in life where huge revelations are made. In the popular movie The Matrix there were numerous references to the story and people still refer to ‘going down the rabbit hole’ to explain numerous situations.

The story is full of distinctive characters, the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the King of hearts, the list is extensive. It is of no surprise that many of these characters have become iconic. For over a hundred years they have been immortalised in numerous toys, ornaments and pieces of merchandise.

Alice in wonderland chess sets

It therefore comes as no surprise that a chess set has been made using these amazing characters. We have got three lovely hand made sets from the English supplier Berkeley Chess which we have combined with lovely European chess boards to make some of the finest Alice in wonderland chess sets. The chess pieces themselves depict all the key characters from the story. Each piece is made from either a crushed stone resin or a metallic resin compound. The result is a heavy, durable and very high quality set of pieces.

Alice in wonderland chess pieces

We sell the full sets, but if you’re looking for the Chess Pieces alone then these are available without a board for a cheaper cost. There are currently three types, all from the same English based manufacturer and all extremely high quality. It’s worth noting that these sets are produced in very small batches, so they are quite rare, sought after and are sure to become highly collectible going forward.

Alice in wonderland chess

Interestingly Dodgson had a very keen interest in the game of chess but the original story did not feature or refer to the game at all. It wasn’t until the Alice Through the Looking-Glass sequel that Alice came into contact the with the game of chess.

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