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Marble Chess Sets

Why Choose A Marble Chess Set

Because of their innate beauty, marble and stone chess sets make the perfect centrepiece of any chess connoisseur’s home.

The natural swirls in marble, onyx, and alabaster give each set a uniqueness that you just don’t get with wood. The distinguished patterns serve to complement the handcrafted detail of the chessmen to create a set that looks as elegant as it feels wonderful to play.

Unlike many retailers, we’ve avoided the cheap sets available in the Far East and sourced our marble chess sets from Italy - where they have a deep tradition of producing luxury goods from locally-sourced marble.

Feel free to browse our prized collection of marble chess sets. Here at The Regency Chess Company, we’re proud to offer one of the biggest collections of marble and stone chess sets available in the USA.

Marble Chess Pieces And Boards

When shopping online, you may come across stores selling chess sets that only consist of the pieces. Although we sell pieces and boards separately, all of our marble chess sets include an Italian-made, stone or marble board that complements the chessmen exquisitely.

So, you won’t have to worry about finding a board that matches your beautiful marble chess pieces.

Italian Marble Chess Sets

If there’s one material that epitomises Italy’s craftsmanship, it’s marble. And although marble is quarried all over the world, including in the US, it’s Italy that’s considered home to the finest and most luxurious marble.

Italian’s love affair with marble goes back centuries when they were considered pioneers for their superior quarrying methods, many of which are still used today. The renaissance artists Michelangelo and Donatello used types of marble to sculpt some of the most well-known works of art in history, including the statue of David.

The Italian’s illustrious stone-working heritage and expertise in the cutting and carving of natural stone are evident in every marble chess set in our collection.

Onyx And Alabaster Chess Sets

As you browse our collection, you’ll see that some of our marble chess sets have been crafted from onyx. Onyx marble has been chosen for its unique beauty - the swirls and veins add contrasting shades to make each chess set special.

Because of its fine-grain and softness, marble-like alabaster has been used for centuries to carve statues and ornaments. It’s naturally snow-white and translucent - but can be dyed, as you can see in our popular, colored chess sets.

Colored Chess Sets

Life isn’t always black and white, and your chess set needn’t be either. A colored chess set can complement your home’s decor, make an eye-catching addition to your collection… or honor your favorite sports team!

As well as traditional black and white, we offer several colored varieties of our acclaimed marble chess sets. As you can see in the cool Alabaster Blue & White Chess & Draughts with Inlaid Chest and the striking Red and White Alabaster Chess Set.

Our Best Selling Marble Chess Sets

The Black and White Alabaster Chess Set combines traditional design with the delicate beauty of quality stone.

The Italian suppliers of this fine set, Scali Alabastro, are world-famous alabaster artisans based in Volterra, Tuscany - the home of alabaster handcraft since the Etruscan time. Their love for their work is evident in every detail of the solid Staunton pieces.

The high-gloss chessmen have been paired with an elegant, solid alabaster chess board which has been painstakingly polished for an impeccable sheen. This set will make an exquisite addition to your living room or office.

The Alabaster Brown & White Chess & Draughts with Inlaid Chest is one of our most luxurious chess sets, offering an incomparable level of beauty and playability.

Hand-crafted in the home of alabaster by Scali Alabastro, the brown Staunton pieces stand proudly with their hypnotic pattern of natural swirls. The edge-to-edge, finely polished board has been crafted from the same colour alabaster as the pieces for a perfect match.

Under the board is an inlaid, wooden cabinet, made specially to store and protect the luxury pieces when you’re not playing. And if you’d like a break from chess, you’ll also find solid alabaster draughts counters in the cabinet!

Order Your Marble Chess Set Today

When you order your new chess set from The Regency Chess Company, you can do so with confidence. We offer fast, trackable, and FREE shipping to anywhere in the US and what’s more, if for any reason you don’t love your chess set, simply send it back to us and receive a full refund.

We stand by the quality of our European-made chess sets - that’s why every set sold comes with a two-year warranty.

Order risk-free today and you can be playing your new marble chess set in just a few short days.

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