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Ornate Chess Sets

Ornate Chess Sets

When you proudly display an ornate chess set in your home, you’re showing the world that you’re not merely a casual player - you’re a connoisseur of the game.

A decorative chess set, with elegantly-crafted chessmen that stand stoically upon a European hard-wood board, gives your living room or office a regal feel. Its elegance draws your attention and insists that you sit down and play.

We’ve spent over a decade scouring the world for decorative chess sets and have selected only the finest, artisan examples for our range of ornate chess sets.

Ornate Chess Pieces And Board

Here at The Regency Chess Company, a ‘chess set’ consists of beautifully-detailed pieces and a carefully-chosen, hardwood board.

We go to great lengths to find quality chess boards that complement the hand-crafted chessmen. You’ll find boards made from rich, luxury hardwoods like maple, wenge, ebony, and walnut.

The chess boards that you’ll find here have been handcrafted in Europe - namely Spain, Italy, and Greece - by artisans who’ve made it their life’s work to produce the world’s finest chess boards.

Uniquely Crafted Pieces

For those with traditional tastes, our range of ornate chess sets includes stunning examples of Staunton pieces- the most recognizable chessmen design. But, even though they bear a familiar look, you’ll see a level of detail that reveals the craftsman’s pride and creativity.

Although the Staunton design is seen as the ‘standard’ chess piece, some of our ornate sets refuse to be limited by tradition. The Manopoulos Greek Metal Roman Army Chess Set is a striking example of what can be created when you give an expert craftsman full freedom to express themself.

Crafted in Greece, this one-of-a-kind set features brass and nickel-plated pieces that represent classic characters form the ancient armies of Greece and Rome - with the rook portrayed by classical architecture. The detail on the Emperor, Queen, officers, horse-mounted infantry leaders, and foot soldiers, needs to be seen to be believed. The set is complete with a metal chess board that’s been polished with an olive green finish.

Highly Decorative Chess Sets

The Maghreb Brass and Walnut Traditional Chess Set is a fine example that never fails to impress casual players and chess masters alike. The brass and nickel-plated pieces boast an unmistakably Italian flamboyance with embossed patterns that bring each piece alive. Each Staunton piece is satisfyingly weighty and wears a felt base pad. Combined with a 20-inch, walnut, boxwood, and maple board, this set strikes a perfect balance between beauty and playability.

Affordable Luxury

A fine, ornate chess set needn’t break the bank. Although we have stunning sets that are priced over a thousand dollars, we believe every chess enthusiast deserves to play with a high-quality set that they can be proud of. And we’re pleased to say that for less than $250, you can own a luxury chess set.

The Contemporary Series Wenge Chess Set combines minimalist elegance with astounding value for money. The cleanly designed chess pieces are made from ebonised boxwood and stand proudly on a deluxe wenge chess board. The set's underrated beauty looks at home among any decor.

Our Most Popular Ornate Chess Sets

Incredible value for money is just one reason that the Cannon Sheesham and Walnut Chess Set is perpetually among our best sellers. This eye-catching set gets its name from the ‘non-Staunton’ chessmen design - most notably the rook, which is boldly represented by a cannon. Hand-carved from sheesham and boxwood, the pieces reveal sublime detailing that sets them apart from standard Staunton chessmen. Set atop a Spanish-made, walnut and maple veneered board, this chess set is primed to take pride of place in any chess lover’s home.

One of our most popular sets, the Walnut Gambit Chess Set, is a perfect choice for traditional chess players who value classic elegance. The stylish detailing on the knight flaunts the craftsmanship of these legendary Staunton pieces. They sit atop a deluxe chess board with a subtle ebony border frame that brings out the richness of the pieces. The set is complete with a solid sheesham box for safe storage.

It’s Your Move…

Born in the United Kingdom, we here at the Regency Chess Company hold ourselves to the royal standards that our name suggests - and we’re delighted to offer the best selection of ornate chess sets in the USA.

As well as FREE delivery to any state, each set comes with a two-year warranty and a 14 day, no-questions-asked refund policy. So you can order with complete confidence.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Treat yourself to the chess set you’ve always wanted- while stocks last.

The Regency Chess Company.