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A superb range of stunning chess sets

The selection of chess sets at The Regency Chess Company is the result of ten years of careful evolution and expert product sourcing. We sell every style and type of chess set, from traditional Staunton wooden sets, Isle of Lewis sets and many many others. Our range has been carefully sourced from high quality suppliers all over the world but particulary in Europe. We have chosen our list of suppliers from the worlds finest producers of chess boards and chess pieces and we have excellent relationships with many of the worlds most famous chess set suppliers.

Chess Set and Board - A perfect match

One of the many things that The Regency Chess Company has become famous for is creating the worlds most amazing chess sets ourselves by combining the best boards with the very best pieces. We’ve found that most of the suppliers of artisan chess products specialise in either boards, or pieces, but seldom both. So what we’ve done is take sets of chess pieces from the worlds finest producers of chessmen and combine them with the right boards from specific chess board makers. We are able to judge the best style, sizing and matching for these chess sets and the results have been stunning. So you might have a super luxury board from Italy, a storage case from Germany and a set of pieces from England to create the perfect set. We have done all the hard work in selecting the compatible components.

Wooden Chess Sets

It comes as no surprise that wood is the most popular material for chess pieces and boards. Although we do sell sets made from a myriad of other materials wood remains by far the most popular. Due to the detail and intricacy of the sets and boards only very high quality hard woods are used. The woods range of in terms of grade and price and include things like ebony, boxwood, rosewood and maple.

The classic Staunton chessmen were designed specifically to be manufactured from wood, with the process of lathe turning being the way the majority of the set was crafted. The Staunton chess set is by far the most popular design which is another reason why wood has become the most popular material.

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