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Themed Chessmen

Themed Chess Pieces

Are you looking for a decorative, themed chess set?

Perhaps you want something different from the traditional Staunton design - a set of chessmen that stands out from the norm or a conversation piece that gets pride of place in your home.

Or maybe you’re looking to combine two of your greatest loves - for example, chess and history, or chess and the literary greats.

Themed chess pieces are exploding in popularity and enthusiasts have more choice than ever. Whether you’re a Civil War buff or a die-hard fan of the Lord of the Rings, we have a beautifully crafted chess set waiting for you.

Regency Chess Company proudly offers its range of themed chessmen, lovingly crafted in Europe, to our friends across the pond.

Feel free to browse our extensive range of decorative pieces today.

Most Popular Themed Chessmen

Thanks to the National Museum Scotland, the ​​​​Isle Of Lewis Chessmen are faithful reproductions of the historic - and mysterious - chess pieces.

The original Lewis (or Uig) chessmen were found washed up on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland in 1831. The now-iconic pieces are believed to have originated from Norway and be hundreds of years old.

There’s plenty of debate about whether the pieces were intended for the game of chess we know today, but regardless, the design is revered by serious chess players all over the world.

The ​​Isle Of Lewis Chessmen gives you the chance to own a portion of history as each piece has been cast from laser scans of the originals - which are stored and cared for by the National Museum Scotland - for a precise reproduction.

This superb set features a 3.25-inch King and is presented in a gorgeous gift case.

Themed Chessmen Inspired By Famous Battles

Sunday 18th June 1815, the Battle of Waterloo marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte and his French army by a coalition led by the Duke of Wellington and General Gebhard Blüche.

Lovingly crafted in Italy by Italfama, one of the world’s most famous makers of fine chess sets, the Battle of Waterloo Hand Painted Themed Chess Pieces brings the history-changing moment to life.

On one side, the French army, painstakingly hand-painted in navy blue and white, is led by Bonaparte and his beloved Josephine. On opposing sides, we have the British army, in regal red, led by Wellington alongside his good lady Catherine.

You can admire the wonderful level of detail in each piece - especially the rooks, which are represented by a cannon with the Union Jake and Tricolore waving proudly above.

This historic set features a 3.25-inch king and would suit a 16-inch board.

Lord of The Rings Themed Chess Pieces

Fans of Tolkien will love the limited-edition Lord of the Rings Chess Pieces - the Regency Chess Company has been lucky enough to acquire a strictly limited number of these heavily sought after sets.

Crafted in crushed stone resin, each weighted piece has been lovingly hand-painted in glorious detail fitting for such a cherished saga.

The chessmen are based on characters from The Fellowship of the Ring - the good, white side includes Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, Gimli, Frodo and Samwise. While the evil consists of Saruman, Ringwraiths, Lurtz, Orcs, and others.

The set features a tall 4.5-inch king with a 1.5-inch base, so a sizable 21-inch board would truly do this superb set justice.

Buy Themed Chessmen With Confidence Today

When you order a themed chess set from The Regency Chess Company, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your purchase promptly and in immaculate condition.

We’ll ship your chess pieces within 24 hours of you placing an order - completely FREE to all states.

And as appreciators of fine chess sets ourselves, we know how important it is to receive them in a pristine state. That’s why we take unparalleled measures to pack your new chessmen in strong and well-designed packaging.

What's more, every set of chessmen comes with a two-year warranty as standard and if you change your mind, you have 30 days to return your item for a no-hassle refund.

You have nothing to lose and a beautiful, new themed chess set to gain.

Happy browsing.

The Regency Chess Company.

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