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Ornate Chessmen

Ornate Chessmen

For many lovers of chess, it’s simply not satisfying to pull basic chess pieces and a board out of storage, dust them off and sit down to play.

Passionate players who respect the grandeur of the game want a chess set that stands out. One that can take center stage in their home and steal the eye of any visitor. A set that can be permanently on display and be ready for a game whenever it’s called for.

For people who love the game and the legacy of chess, only a set of ornate chessmen will do.

You’re invited to browse our collection of ornate chess pieces. Gathered from the finest, most dedicated craftsmen in Europe and for the first time ever, made available to our fellow chess enthusiasts in the USA.

Ornate Staunton Chess Pieces

Since it was first introduced in the mid 19th Century, the instantly-recognizable Staunton has been the worldwide standard design for chess sets. But, this doesn’t mean Staunton pieces have to look repetitive, our ornate Staunton chessmen prove that there’s still plenty of room for flair and elegance without tampering with tradition.

Take, for instance, the ever-popular Gambit Chessmen.

Led by the 3.75-inch King, each classic Staunton piece has been precisely hand-carved from luxury boxwood. From the images, it’s difficult to appreciate the quality and robustness of the Gambit Chessmen and even more difficult to find another set that offers such lifetime value for money.

The Gambit Chessmen is priced attractively and ticks the boxes of all chess players; from traditionalists to modern players. This wonderful set can be paired beautifully with a 19-inch or larger board.

Best-Selling Ornate Chessmen

Although to some, they may appear to be a contemporary twist on the classic Staunton, The Northern Upright Chessmen are actually based on a design that predates the now ubiquitous Staunton.

The tall, slender pieces were favored by the aristocracy of 19th Century Europe and boast a finesse that sadly got lost in later designs. Fortunately, master craftsmen have ensured the elegant design lives forever with the Northern Upright set - intricately carved from solid ebony and boxwood.

Led by a satisfyingly weighty 3.75-inch King, this regal set belongs on a board of at least 20 inches.

Large Ornate Chessmen

Commemorating Magnus Carlson’s World Championship victory over Viswanathan Anand, the Grand Ebony Sochi 20214 Series Chessmen features a 5-inch Staunton King.

Beautifully carved from ebony and boxwood, each of the King’s intricately detailed companions sits on a signature hand-turned base. Admire the blazing mane and piercing eyes of the fierce knight as he heads into battle.

The elegant yet powerful pieces are weighted for perfect balance with billiard cloth covered bases for smooth strides across the battlefield - ideally, a 21 or 23-inch board.

A certificate of authenticity is included for your peace of mind.

Ornate Chessmen Inspired By Antiquity

The Coiled Jerusalem Hand-Carved Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces are an astonishing example of ornate chessmen inspired by ancient religion.

Skilled hands have spent hours turning and carving these pieces from golden rosewood and boxwood. The result is a gorgeously rich, ‘one-off’ set of chessmen with truly unique, religion-inspired carvings.

The King stands at a respectable 3.75 inches and is weighted and felted for your playing pleasure. The Coiled Jerusalem Chess Pieces suit a 15 or 16” board.

Buy Ornate Chessmen With Confidence

Regency Chess was founded in the UK and we take pride in being able to offer our collection of ornate chessmen to our cousins across the pond.

When you order from us, you can rest assured that your chess pieces will not only arrive quickly - but also in immaculate condition. This is evidenced by our Trustpilot score; over 2,500 delighted customers have taken the time to give us an excellent rating.

We’ll package your items with extra care and ship them the same day with zero cost to you. And, if your order is less than $800, you’ll pay no sales tax - a benefit of being a UK-based company that we can pass on to you.

With a two-year warranty on all pieces and a no-hassle, 14-day return policy, you can order with complete confidence and finally own that set of ornate chess pieces you deserve.

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