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Isle of Lewis Chessmen

Isle Of Lewis Chessmen

The Isle of Lewis Chessmen, or as they’re sometimes known, Uig chessmen, are the second most iconic chess pieces design - behind the classic Staunton.

Even though the Staunton has established itself as the most recognized and played set of chess pieces, it’s estimated that the Lewis Chessmen predate them by around 700 years.

As well as the pieces’ antiquity, it’s the mysteriousness surrounding the legendary Lewis Chessmen that attracts chess enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Regency Chess Company is proud to offer our fine collection of Isle Of Lewis Chessmen direct from the UK - not too far away from where the original pieces were discovered 200 years ago and where they remain to this day.

The Origin Of The Isle Of Lewis Chessmen

The Lewis chessmen were found at Uig Bay, on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, in 1831.

The horde included a group of 78 chess pieces - carved from walrus ivory and whale tooth - along with other game pieces and artefacts. The British Museum, where the majority of the pieces are now on display, believes the pieces were likely made in Trondheim, the medieval capital of Norway in the 12th century.

But the debate wages on as experts have suggested the pieces originate from other Nordic countries.

If you want to see the original chess pieces, they’re currently split between the British Museum in London and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Oh, and if the pieces look familiar to you, it may be because you’ve seen them in the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Ron and Harry can be seen playing ‘Wizard’s Chess’ in the great hall with a replica of the Lewis Chess Set.

Metallic Isle Of Lewis Chessmen

Skilfully sculpted by Berkeley Chess in Somerset, England, the Metallic Isle of Lewis Chess Men are a stunning recreation of the iconic pieces.

This striking set has been lovingly crafted from stone resin with a unique metallic color scheme - successfully doing justice to the 12th-century chessmen.

A 3.5-inch king with a 1.75-inch diameter, felted base would look perfect on a 20-inch board.

Berkeley Isle Of Lewis Chess Pieces

Based in Somerset, England, the craftsmen at Berkeley Chess have come to be known as the grandmasters of decorative and heritage chess.

When you admire sets like their Isle Of Lewis Russet Chessmen , it’s easy to see why.

This stunning recreation of the ancient set has been beautifully formed from crushed resin composite and finished with a sophisticated russet brown and classic cream.

Led by a 3.35-inch king, each piece features a felted base and has been weighted for perfect balance.

Looks superb on a 20-inch board.

Official Lewis Chessmen Set

The Regency Chess Company is proud to introduce its Official Isle Of Lewis Chessmen Set.

Hand-made to precise specifications in the heart of England, these stunning pieces are exact replicas of the original artefacts discovered nearly 200 years ago.

These chessmen are as much a pleasure to play with as to look at. Each piece has been crafted from stone resin for a solid, heavy feel, before being polished for a silky smooth finish.

The official set is complete with its elegant, gift-ready packaging, a cleaning cloth, two additional queens, and the rules of the game.

These pieces look perfect on a chessboard of at least 20 inches.

Buy Isle Of Lewis Chessmen With Confidence

When you order from the Regency Chess Company, you can feel confident you’ll receive one of the most superior, British-made Isle of Lewis chess sets available in the US.

As lovers of fine chess pieces ourselves, we put every effort into the packaging and shipping of your product. So, you can ensure you’ll receive your Isle of Lewis chess set in flawless condition.

Shipping is fast and FREE to all states and as we’re a UK-based business, you won’t pay any additional sales tax as long as your order is under $800!

Each set is sold with a two-year warranty and you’re welcome to send the set back to us for a full refund if, for any reason, you’re not happy.

Order your historic Isle of Lewis chess set today and get ready to be launched back in time.

The Regency Chess Company.

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