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Metal Chess Pieces

Metal Chess Pieces

Although chess pieces are traditionally made from wood, there’s something undeniably impressive about a set of luxury metal chess pieces.

Not only does their gleam attract admiration from players and non-players alike, their solid feel gives every game you play a regal air.

Metal chess pieces are mostly made from brass, nickel, and pewter. You’ll also find gold-and-silver-plated chess pieces that boast a luxurious look while having the robustness to hold up to years of playing.

The Regency Chess Company is proud to offer its American friends the finest metal chess sets available - all the way from Europe.

We invite you to browse our collection of metal chess pieces today and with a set to satisfy all budgets and tastes, you’re sure to find the stunning chess pieces you’ve been looking for.

Staunton Metal Chess Pieces

Being the worldwide standard design, the Staunton is often the first choice for chess players.

The universally recognized Staunton design is represented wonderfully by the Verona Series Brass and Nickel Chess Pieces.

Beautifully crafted in Italy, the solid brass and nickel-coated pieces of the Verona Series adheres to tradition with its Staunton design - while its stylistic flair pays homage to Shakespeare.

Take, for example, the bishop’s Renaissance-inspired tulip shape, delicately formed by traditional turning techniques.

This decorative set led by a 2.75 inch King looks perfect on a board of 17-18 inches.

Brass and Nickel Chess Pieces

Expertly crafted in Milan, Italy, the Maghreb Brass and Nickel Chess Pieces feature elegant filigree-like engraving while respecting the Staunton tradition.

The intricate engravings give the set a regal edge while brass and nickel provide the grandeur. The solid brass, 4” King stands proudly across from his nickel-coated adversary.

These exquisitely decorative, perfectly balanced pieces look at home on a 19 or 20” chess board.

Gold and Silver Plated Chess Pieces

For metal chess pieces with an extra touch of prestige, look no further than the San Severo Chess Pieces - direct from Florence, Italy.

Solid oak pieces of traditional Staunton design have been gold (24 carat) and silver (990) plated for one of our most luxurious and in-demand sets.

Working with high-quality materials, craftsmen at Italy’s most prestigious workshop Italfama have succeeded in creating durable chess pieces that flaunt a subtle beauty usually only seen in much more expensive sets.

The pieces’ timeless design and solid craftsmanship ensure that they’ll be turning heads and inspiring play for decades to come.

Size-wise, a board of at least 17” would suit the San Severo set’s 3.75” King. To really do the pieces justice, the stunning Italian Artisan 19 Inch Painted Chess Board is our recommendation.

Our Most Popular Metal Chess Pieces

Another unique set of pieces lovingly crafted in Italy, the Finnesburg Series Brass and Nickel Chess Pieces have the recognizable Staunton form with an artisanal twist.

Solid brass and nickel-plated, each chessman features painstaking touches of craftsmanship that images fail to do justice. Italian craftsmen have poured their passion into every piece giving you a decorative set that you’ll never get bored of admiring.

This Finnesburg Series set isn’t just an intriguing addition to your home, each piece is perfectly weighted for a satisfying playing experience.

The 3” King looks his most majestic on a 17-18” board.

Buy Metal Chess Pieces In Confidence Today

Being based in the UK, Regency Chess has formed strong relationships with the finest crafters of metal chess pieces in Europe - and we’re delighted to be able to make our prestigious selection available to you today.

When you order from us, you’ll receive FREE, same-day shipping to all states and you can feel confident that your metal chess set will arrive in immaculate condition.

As players and chess set collectors ourselves, we know how important it is to receive pieces in pristine condition. That’s why we take every precaution when packing your metal chess pieces to ensure they arrive in the same state in which they left their creators in Europe.

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with your new chess pieces. But for extra peace of mind, we offer no-hassle, 14-day refunds if you don’t like something as well as two-year warranties on all chess piece sets sold.

Order decorative, metal chess pieces today and look forward to smiling every time you sit down to play with them - for years to come.

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