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4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen
4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen

4 Inches Garvi Ebony Chessmen

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  • Distinctively Staunton with Mughal influence.
  • Expertly crafted from ebony.
  • 4 inch (102 mm) king.
  • 2 additional queens.
  • Perfect on a 23 inch (60 cm) board.
  • Weighted for perfect balance.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Bases covered with billiard felt.
When the Mughal Emperor Akbar invaded the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century he chose quite a remarkable way to conquer his enemies.
Whereas Genghis Khanm, his Mongol ancestor, pillaged and destroyed the towns he captured, Akbar sought to assimilate his new subjects. He had a fascination with their various religious and cultural values.

Distinctively Staunton in shape and carved from solid ebony, these outstanding chess pieces are wonderfully ornate. Each overtly expresses its unique identity. "Garvi" is the Hindi word which translates as "proud", and of course no chess piece is as proud as the king, standing 4 inches tall. By his side, the queen was inspired by the minarets of the Taj Mahal, a structure built by the Mughals in the 17th century. Her pointed headdress circles a decorative spire that is second in size only to the king's crown. The tabletop rook is a prime example of originality in the Regency Chess Collection. And the knight, a chess piece many consider to be the most important attacker as well as zonal defender in a game of infinite possibilities, is an arching horse with curved neck and intricately carved, thick mane. It has been hand carved from the turned base upwards. Much like many of Akbar's subjects, each of these chess pieces vary in their style.

Solid ebony, hand turned

These Garvi Series chessmen require a board measuring 23 inches (60 cm).
  • Model: RCP125
  • 6 Units in Stock
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What's included?
  • 34 Chessmen
  • 1 Rules booklet
  • Two year warranty
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Cleaning Cloth
30 day return policy

Product Specifications

King Height:  4 inches (10.16 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.7 inches (4.32 cm)
King Weight:  58.8g
Pawn Height:  2.2 inches (5.59 cm)
Pawn Weight:  29.7g
Pawn Base Diameter:  1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
Weight:  1.6kg
Materials:  Ebony, Boxwood
No. of Queens:  4

Please note: due to wood being a natural and therefore inconsistent material, weights are approximate and won't be exact and this may also result in both burl and color variations.

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