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Staunton Chess Sets

Original Staunton Chess Sets

We’re delighted to present to you a collection of our finest Staunton chess sets and boards.

The Staunton chess set is without a doubt the most recognizable set of chess pieces in the world. Designed in mid-nineteenth-century England, the Staunton chess set quickly became the gold standard for chess players due to it’s well-balanced and easily-distinguishable pieces.

Today, the Staunton is the official choice for chess tournaments and all self-respecting chess clubs.

The Origin Of The British Staunton Chess Set

Before the Staunton chess set was designed and popularized, chess players in the late 18th century and early 19th century were using an array of styles including the English Barleycorn, the St. George, the French Regence, and the Central European chess sets.

As well as being top-heavy and cumbersome, most of these set’s pieces looked too similar to the others. But the real problem arose when players competed with others using a set they weren’t familiar with - to a distinct disadvantage!

The English chess master, Howard Staunton, was considered to be the strongest player in the world from 1843 to 1851 - but he didn’t design the Staunton chess set. That achievement is generally believed to be credited to Nathaniel Cooke, a London-based journalist, who named the design after the great chess player.

The first set was sold in 1849 by the purveyors of fine games, John Jaques of London, of Hatton Garden, London.

A Staunton Wood Chess Set And Board

Although the name ‘Staunton’ refers to the pieces, we don’t believe you should place some of the finest, European-made chess pieces on just any old board.

That’s why we’ve meticulously paired each set of Staunton pieces with a luxury board that complements them exquisitely.

We’ve carefully sourced our range of chessboards from the most-revered craftsmen in Italy, Spain and Greece. A beautiful blend of hardwoods such as ebony, rosewood, walnut, maple, mahogany, gives your Staunton chess pieces the regal stage they deserve.

Popular Staunton Chess Sets

Over the last 12 years, we’ve travelled the world with an obsession for artisanal chess pieces and boards. And we believe we have the perfect set for every chess connoisseur.

The outstanding value offered by the Walnut Competition Staunton Chess Set must be seen to be believed. The amazingly-detailed pieces are double-weighted for perfect balance and have a billiard-covered base for smooth playing.

The chessmen are paired with a beautiful, walnut and maple board expertly-crafted near Barcelona, Spain. The set is complete with a solid wooden carry case.

The Ebonised Wenge Victoria Tournament Chess Set is a stunning combination of elegantly-designed pieces and a rich, wenge board.

The pieces are crafted from graded boxwood and double-weighted for perfect balance. They stand proudly on a 19-inch, Spanish-made wenge and birch wood chessboard which promises decades of chess playing.

Large Staunton Chess Sets

For chess masters who prefer a larger canvas, the Frankfurt Wenge Luxury Grand Chess Set features robust, expertly-carved pieces that stand firm on a 24-inch board.

The weighty, 4-inch king is perfectly proportioned to the squares on the rich, wenge board to make a stunning set that looks and plays magnificently.

A little smaller, but no less stunning, the Atlantic Gloss Black and Natural Chess Set features finely-carved, weighted chess pieces on a beautifully glossy 22-inch board.

Luxury Staunton Chess Sets

The Ebony and Walnut Highclere Luxury Chess Set is a shining example of unparalleled opulence.

The Highclere Series chess pieces have been lovingly finished to the highest standard. Each piece boasts gorgeous detailing and has been polished by hand. Their green-felted bases slide effortlessly across the Italian-made, briarwood and elm board. The set is complete with a hand-made, flock-lined, solid sheesham chess-piece case.

Any chess player would be proud to own the stunning Windsor Deluxe Chess Set in Cocoa Burl..

Perfectly weighted, the Windsor pieces are delicately-crafted from solid ebony and boxwood. The classic Staunton chessmen are paired with an extra-thick, cocoa burl chess board lovingly finished in gloss lacquer to reflect the grandeur of the pieces.

Feel free to explore our collection of 40 magnificent Staunton chess sets and boards. Although we’ve done our utmost to represent their quality in photographs, they have to be seen and held to be truly appreciated.

Founded in Great Britain, we’re proud to offer the finest chess sets available in the USA. We offer FREE, same-day delivery and every chess set sold by us includes a two-year warranty. We also have a no-risk, 30 day return policy in the rare case that you’re not happy with your purchase.

Order the chess set you truly deserve today.

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