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Metallic Berkeley Chess Camelot Chess Men
Metallic Berkeley Chess Camelot Chess Men
Metallic Berkeley Chess Camelot Chess Men
Metallic Berkeley Chess Camelot Chess Men

Metallic Berkeley Chess Camelot Chess Men

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  • Beautifully handcrafted in the UK.
  • Intricately detailed Arthurian designs.
  • Impressive 4.75 inch King.
  • Solid crushed stone resin pieces.
  • Stunning attention to detail.
The legendary King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, features in countless fables and tales of magic and chivalry which have captured our imagination for hundreds of years. This wonderful set of resin chess pieces is inspired by these glorious tales from Arthurian Legend, and is among the most detailed and attractive we've seen.

The French poet Chr├ętien de Troyes authored many chivalric tales of Arthur and his knights of Camelot (and even created the knight Lancelot) during the 12th century. These stories gave way to endless other writers, poets and artists to create their own spin on the Knights Of The Round Table, with writings filled with the romantic idea of chivalry.

From the Pre-Raphaelite poets and painters such as Tennyson and Waterhouse in the 19th century, to the world of 20th century theatre and cinema including Camelot and Excalibur, these wonderful stories of the mystical Arthurian world continue to inspire to this day.

Finished with a unique metallic pewter and copper colouring, these exquisite carved resin pieces are sure to be a talking point displayed anywhere in the home!

The King: King Arthur
The Queen: Queen Guinevere
The Bishop: Merlin
The Knight: Sir Lancelot
The Rook: Anglo Saxon Castle
The Pawn: Peasant Soldiers
  • Model: BC4006
  • 2 Units in Stock
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What's included?
  • 32 Chessmen
  • 1 Rules booklet
  • Two year warranty
30 day return policy

Product Specifications

King Height:  4.75 inches (12.07 cm)
King Base Diameter:  1.4 inches (3.56 cm)
King Weight:  140g
Pawn Height:  3 inches (7.62 cm)
Pawn Weight:  50g
Pawn Base Diameter:  1.13 inches (2.87 cm)
Weight:  3.3kg
Materials:  Metal Resin
No. of Queens:  2

Please note: due to wood being a natural and therefore inconsistent material, weights are approximate and won't be exact and this may also result in both burl and color variations.

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