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Staunton Chess Pieces

Staunton Chess Pieces

Staunton chess pieces are the most recognizable chessmen in the world. Watch any tournament in history and you’ll see those iconic shapes being pored over by the greatest chess masters of all time.

It’s no wonder that the Staunton is also the most-played-with chess pieces in homes across the planet.

And whether you already have a beautiful chessboard you’re in love with or you’re an avid collector of fine chess pieces, we offer over 50 carefully-selected Staunton chess pieces that deserve a place in any chess aficionado’s home.

How The Staunton Chess Set Became The Worldwide Standard

It’s difficult to believe that, prior to the mid-19th century, there were no universally-used chess pieces. Even solely in Britain, there were numerous chess sets popular around this time including the English Barleycorn; the St. George; and the French Regence.

As interest in chess surged, so did national and international play, emphasizing the need for a universally-accepted chess set.

It’s widely believed that the original model was envisioned by London-based publisher Nathaniel Cooke, who registered the design in 1849. He named the chess set the ‘Staunton’ after Howard Staunton, a writer of a chess column in Cooke’s newspaper and generally considered the strongest player in the world at the time.

Cooke convinced Staunton to promote the set in his column to great success - low production costs meant the set was accessible to the masses, accelerating its popularity as well for the game in general.

The Staunton set got its official stamp of approval when in 1924, it was selected by the FIDE to be the set of choice for all future international chess tournaments.

Best-Selling Staunton Chess Pieces

Crafted from boxwood and golden rosewood, the Down Head Knight Sheesham Staunton Chess Pieces boast solid-feel luxury that far outweighs their price.

The set is led by a 3.5-inch king (making it the largest of Down Head Series Chessmen) and each piece is single-weighted with generous felting on its base to ensure effortless, scratch-free movement on the board of your choice.

The luxury materials and natural finish will give you the peace of mind that these pieces will age like a fine wine.

No matter how many rematches.

Large Staunton Chess Pieces

If you favor a larger board, then look no further than the commanding Atlantic Staunton Chess Pieces in Rosewood.

With a 4.25-inch king, this is one of our grandest Staunton sets with each piece revealing an exquisite level of detail only possible with a set this size.

Some of the world’s most-talented carvers have fashioned these classic, double-weighted figures from luxury boxwood and rosewood. The latter gifting the pieces with a gorgeous, deep red-brown that you can expect to get richer as the years pass.

These fine examples of Staunton pieces have been painstakingly finished for a lacquer-free, natural shine that will look simply wonderful on your large chessboard.

Red Staunton Chess Pieces

For something a little different, yet classically Staunton, have a look at the striking Broadbase Chess Men in Red and Black.

The impressive 3.75-inch king commands over the perfectly-weighted and beautifully-carved pieces. As the name suggests, the chessmen have a broader base than our other sets allowing for a more powerful stance and satisfying feel.

The stunning, deep red of the exquisitely-finished pieces give the set an injection of power and courage.

Order Classic Staunton Pieces With Confidence Today

Formed in Bath, England, Regency Chess has grown to become an international retailer of the finest chess sets in the world.

We’re proud to offer our impressive collection of classic Staunton pieces to our cousins across the pond with FREE, same-day shipping.

We know how much you’re looking forward to touching and playing with your new Stanton pieces, that’s why we take the greatest care when packaging and shipping your goods. With strong, protective packaging and tracked shipping, you can feel confident that your pieces will arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Every piece sold by us comes with a two-year warranty and if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days and get a full refund.

Order your classic Staunton pieces that’ll put a smile on your face for years to come.

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