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Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces

Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces

For the connoisseur chess enthusiast, anything less than a luxury set of Staunton chessmen won’t do.

The Staunton chess set is the easily most recognizable design in the world. For nearly 200 years, the classic chess pieces have been played in homes all over the planet as well as in competitive tournaments.

Although the basic design rarely changes, the superior quality of the materials and the craftsmanship sets luxury Staunton chess pieces apart from the rest. This makes such sets a wonderful investment for collectors, serious players, and those with sophisticated tastes.

We invite you to browse the USA’s largest collection of luxury Staunton chess pieces today.

Our Best-Selling Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces

Produced by special order in small batches at a time, The Ebonised Boxwood Sovereign Series Chessmen offers the perfect gateway to luxury chess.

Each intricately-detailed piece has been hand-carved from graded boxwood. The fact that an individual craftsman is given the duty to carve each and every knight is just one example of the dedication and pride that goes into these sets.

The black pieces are given their unique shade via a traditional ebonizing process that permeates the wood rather than sitting on the surface. This ensures that the dark color will keep its stunning vibrancy for decades to come.

Although the King stands at a relatively small 3 inches, these broad-based pieces have been weighted and balanced to perfection and look exquisite on a 20-inch chessboard.

The Ebony and Boxwood Parthenon Series Chess Pieces is not only one of our best-selling sets of chessmen, but it’s also one of our most prestigious.

The commanding 4.5-inch Kings leads their Staunton chessmen immaculately carved from ebony and boxwood, and expertly polished for a glorious finish. Each proud piece is perfectly weighted and balanced to provide years of playing satisfaction.

The large, opulent pieces will look at home on a 23-inch chessboard.

Large Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces

Splendor and grandiosity go hand-in-hand with The Dubliner Chess Pieces in Rosewood. Boasting a 4.7-inch King, this is one of the largest Staunton sets we offer.

Expertly carved from boxwood and stunning, close-grained rosewood, the size of the Staunton pieces allows for an exquisite level of detail and unique artistic flourishes. For evidence, admire the flowing hair and facial features on the knight; or note the sharp, needle-like points atop the King, Queen, and bishop.

As you’d expect from a set of this majesty, each piece is heavily-weighted with billiard cloth-covered bases for a satisfying playing experience.

The Dubliner set can be paired beautifully with a luxury, 23-inch chessboard and comes with two extra queens for pawn promotion.

Striped Staunton Chess Pieces

The Hancock Striped Staunton Chessmen proves that a set of chess pieces can still look stunningly unique while sporting the familiar Staunton design.

Turned and carved by expert hands, the Hancock Striped Chessmen fiercely express themselves with a beguiling, swirled rosewood pattern.

Led by a commanding 4-inch King, these striking pieces look at home on a 21-inch board or larger.

Order Luxury Staunton Chess Pieces With Confidence

Since 2008, Regency Chess has been offering enthusiasts the chance to own chess sets created by the greatest craftsmen in the world.

Our Luxury Staunton Pieces are one of our most revered collections. With great appeal to collectors and casual players alike, every set in this category is dying to catch the eyes of visitors as well as opponents for decades to come.

We’re delighted to offer FREE, same-day shipping to all states in the US. And with the extra care we take over packaging your items, you can rest assured that your Staunton pieces will arrive at your door in immaculate condition.

What’s more, because of our unique status as a UK company, you’ll pay zero sales tax on your order if it’s less than $800.

Order the luxury chess pieces you’ve always wanted and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re buying from people who’re as passionate about chess as you.

All pieces are sold with a two-year warranty and if, for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, simply send it back to us within 14 days for a full refund.

Make your next game a luxurious one.

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